Chut! Magazine.

Cover illustration by Xaviera Altena.

Illustration by Xaviera Altena.

Illustration by Aurélien Jeanney.

Chut! Magazine.
I’ve been collaborating with Les Chuchoteuses for a few years now. It all started with their brand identity before moving on to loads of other through witch which I’ve been able to experiment.

I was thrilled when they asked me to work as their art director on the first issue of their magazine. I had so much fun designing the layout, building a team of awesome illustrators and wrapping it all up in bold colors, hand lettering touches and bright layouts.

Les Chuchoteuses

Art Direction
Editorial Design

Xaviera Altena
Paul Delmas
Laure Dorin
Aurélien Jeanney
Belinda Kou
Lorena G
Lisa Tegtmeier
And myself